Meet Laura Ann!

This is my roommate Laura! She’s from Germany and she is the best roommate ever! I’m not sure what I would do here without her; she made my transition here much easier by helping me around the city and just telling me what’s what. I would probably have gotten lost at least 20 times if not for her (i’m really terrible with directions and finding my way around). She’s super nice, we’ve got a lot in common and have become really good friends. Laura is two years younger than me, but by her maturity level you’d guess she was five years older. She’s taking her gap year to travel the world and do volunteer work. She was working in an all boys school teaching English (and before coming to Chile she didn’t know any Spanish – talk about bravery) and now she’s volunteering in a blind school and working with blind and disabled children, which she’ll be doing until December and then she’ll be traveling to Australia, New Zealand, and Cambodia and doing more voluntary work there. I’m so glad to have met her and she’s even teaching me a little bit of German! 😀


Meet Laura Ann!


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